Professional voice training for both professional and hobby singers.

Vocal Coaching on site


Singing lessons in rock and pop in Cologne-Nippes.

“Can't be done?” – there’s no such thing!

Set yourself a goal, go beyond your limits and find the right technique to achieve it - but most of all, have fun!

Rock ‘n’ roll, soft, soulful, or breathy - learn the right techniques without harming your voice. 

Find your "personal touch" - because that is what makes every artist unique. 

Focal points:


- Posture and support of the sound

- breathing techniques and voice training

- Pronunciation and articulation

- expression, song interpretation and stage presence

- solo singing, polyphony and background vocals

- accompaniment of studio recordings, preparation for auditions / castings


In the classroom, we work together on songs you choose and pay attention to the technical execution as well as the vocal design and performance.



Vocal Coaching online


Now you can sing from the comfort of your own home!

Very often I have heard the sentence: "It's a pity you are so far away - otherwise I would love to get lessons from you!

Covid-19 makes us all rethink and restructure...

That's why I'm very happy to be able to offer you online lessons IMMEDIATELY!

This will be given via the platform "doozzoo".

All you need is a computer/laptop with the latest version of "Google Chrome" or "Firefox" and, ideally, headphones.

With the latest update of Safari, the use of an iPad is also possible with doozzoo.


I will be happy to provide you with further details or advise you in a personal conversation.

My contact details: click here



Of course you can also give away my lessons in form of a voucher.